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12" Gaia EP (Clear vinyl w/ Red/Orange/Black Splatter) #100178

Gaia EP (Clear vinyl w/ Red/Orange/Black Splatter) See Larger Images and Variations
Clear vinyl w/ Red/Orange/Black Splatter
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Release Date: June 20, 2021

Tiamat's 'Gaia' is one of the most acclaimed and popular songs taken off Wildhoney. It became one of the keystones in doom metal and evokes the lyrics of a classic melody 

Tiamat, led by visionary guitarist, singer and songwriter Johan Edlund have been at the forefront of doom and rock innovation since the early 90s, deeply influenced by Pink Floyd and paying the pertinent tribute here with their own interpretation of “When You´re In”.

Revamped artwork and layout.


1. Gaia (video edit)

2. The Ar (radio cut)

3. When You´re In

4. Whatever That Hurts (video edit)

5. The Ar (ind. Mix)

6. Visionaire (Remixed Longform version)

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