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12" Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel (Clear with Splatter) #106717

Sleeping Beauty - Live in Israel (Clear with Splatter) See Larger Images and Variations
Clear w/ splatter
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Transparent with Mint and Grey Splatter vinyl edition. Litd. to 100x

The Sleeping Beauty – Live in Israel
 captures June 1993 Tiamat´s performance in Tel Aviv.

Tiamat was formed in Stockholm in 1988 by main vocalist and frontman Johan Edlund and played under the name Treblinka. After three full lenght albums (Sumerian CryThe Astral Sleep and the seminal Wildhoney), the band released in 1994 their first live recording in the shape of a memorable 30 minutes EP.

Five tracks taken off The Astral Sleep and Clouds. For the first time this live album is having a proper limited vinyl release in 2018.



1. In A Dream
2. Ancient Entity
3. The Sleeping Beauty
4. Mountain Of Doom
5. Angels Far Beyond

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