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12" Songs for Longing EP (Clear) #127589

Songs for Longing EP (Clear) See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: December 2, 2022

Ltd ed. colour vinyl crystal clear. 300x only. Single sleeve with lyrics sheet included.

Finland has always been home for bleakness, dark music-wise at least, and country is an ever-emerging territory for new artists capable of communication desolation and sadness through art. It must be the weather, that makes strong caracthers and provides the atmosphere and the enviroment for such inspiration to be transfigured into songs.
THE BLEAK PICTURE is formed by Jussi Hänninen (Unhola, Fall of the Leafe, Autumnfall) on music & instruments and Tero Ruohonen (Autumnfall) on Lyrics & vocals.

THE BLEAK PICTURE performs with combining doom/goth soundswith doom/death vocal style, creating depressive atmospheres to shot towards excellent songs that may easily be connected to well-known scandinavian artists like (early) Katatonia, to name just a clear reference.

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