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Release Date: June 20, 2021

Started in Netherlands in 1989 as one of the earliest European doom death metal acts and lead by the brothers René and Hans Rutten, The Gathering wrote history when releasing some keystones  during the 90s. The addition of Anneke Van Giersbergen as main vocalist for the album Mandilyon (1995) was just the beginning of a prolific and renowned career for both band and frontwoman.  

Alone Records compiles the band´s singles taken from MandylionNightime BirdsHow To Measure A Planet and If_Then_Else in this exclusive vinyl boxset limited to 350 units only. As a bonus, it includes an extensive booklet with previously unreleased band pictures and liner notes.


VINYL 1.  “Strange Machines” single (1995)  

  1. Strange Machines (Single Edit)
  2. Strange Machines (Album Version)
  3. In Motion #1 (Live)
  4. Leaves (Live)


VINYL 2.   “Adrenaline/Leaves” single (1996) 

  1. Adrenaline
  2. Leaves (Edit)
  3. Third Chance
  4. Leaves (Album Version)


VINYL 3.   “Kevin’s Telescope” single (1997) 

  1. Kevin’s Telescope
  2. In Power We Entrust TheLove Advocated
  3. When TheSun Hits
  4. Confusion (Demo/ErocMix)


VINYL 4.  “The May Song” single (1997) 

  1. The May Song (Radio Edit)
  2. The Earth Is My Witness (Edit)
  3. Strange Machines (Live)
  4. The May Song


VINYL 5.  “Liberty Bell” single (1998) 

  1. Liberty Bell
  2. Shrink
  3. Frail


VINYL 6.  “Rollercoaster” single (2000) 

  1. Rollercoaster (Radio Edit)
  2. Theme From‘The Cyclist’
  3. Leaves (Live with the MetropoleOrchestra)


VINYL 7.  “Amity” single (2001) 

  1. Amity (Radio Mix)
  2. Life’s WhatYou Make It
  3. Amity (TripPopRadio Mix)
  4. Amity (TimecodeAudio Remix)
  5. Amity (Extended Trip Remix)
  6. Amity (Three People Remix)
  7. Amity (Live At “Isabelle”)
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