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12" Halflife #99982

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Release Date: June 20, 2021

After the success of ‘In a Reverie’, Lacuna Coil was ready to tour worldwide and subsecuent recordings were demanded by the label at that time. Released in 2000 ‘Halflife’ is a monster of EP, a band effort in the pinnacle of their own songwriting: a beautiful, solid, well combined and excellently produced collection of songs. They perfectly fit within the concept of the debut lenght, but they just came later within the songwriting process. A way different direction on artistic and songwriting approach would follow after ‘Halflife’ but this EP and their second lenght ‘Untouched Memories’ both remaining as the end of the first musical era for Lacuna Coil.

- Second press of 350 copies on black vinyl w/ printed inner sleeve.


Side A       1. Halflife- 2. Trance Awake- 3. Senzafine
Side B       4. Hyperfast - 5. Stars (Dubstar cover)

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