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Release Date: June 20, 2021

Novembre CD press come on trifold digisleeve and booklet  including exclusive liner notes by Carmelo Orlando.

After 2 albums released on Polyphemus Records and wondering what the next step would be for the band, November signed to Century Media to debut on the german label with 'Classica'. An album title the properly defines the new prog-metal music direction the band was into. Lots of tragedy, mourn, sadness and melancholy comes from the new tracks, becoming a giant step forward in terms of songrwriting and lyricism that inaugurates a new era for the  Novembre band being part of a new record label now able to promote the band to a wider audience, with such classic tunes like 'Nostalgiaplatz' or 'L'Epoque Noire' on the bill. Mixed by Andy L'aroque himself at Los Angered studios.

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